Performed by: Françoise Hardy
Music by: Françoise Hardy
Lyrics by: Françoise Hardy
Conductor: Raymond Lefèvre
Language: French
Placing: 5th (25 points)
Other versions: German, Italian

L'amour s'en va

Love goes away

L'amour s'en va, et le tien ne saurait durer Love goes away, and yours wouldn't last
Comme les autres, un beau jour tu vas me quitter Like the others, one fine day you're going to leave me
Si ce n'est toi, ce sera moi qui m'en irai If it isn't you, it will be me who will go away
L'amour s'en va, et nous n'y pourrons rien changer Love goes away, and we can't change anything about that
Car toi aussi, tu vas me dire mille toujours For you're also going to tell me a thousand forevers
Et moi aussi, je les redirai à mon tour And I'll also say them again in my turn
L'amour s'en va, je t'échappe quand tu me poursuis Love goes away, I escape from you when you chase after me
Ou bien c'est moi qui refuse de croire tout fini Or it's me who refuses to believe everything is finished
Et chaque fois, toujours on doit se l'avouer And every time, someone will always have to admit it
L'amour s'en va, mais sans cesse, nous courons après Love goes away, but without stopping, we run after

Translation by Tamar Lichtman et al..