Recorded by: Nana Mouskouri
Music by: Raymond Bernard
Lyrics by: Lewis
Language: English
Placing: 8th (13 points)
Other versions: French, German, Italian

The one that got away

The one that got away is the boy I adore
No matter what they say, I'll be his evermore
Each day brings some new face, each one so like another
But no arms can replace the arms of my true lover
The one... the one that got away was my first love and last
And though my lips may stray, my heart beats in the past
For no lips can repeat the thrill his kisses brought me
Those memories bittersweet of happiness he taught me
The one... the one that got away, the one man in my life
The man I hoped would say: "Come to me, be my light"
But darling, come what may, I'll just keep on pretending
That one bright sunny day, I'll hear my lover say:
"I have come, I'm the one that couldn't get... get away"